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Hi friends! I’m Nevaeh (pronounced nev-aye), the head and only honcho of Photos by Nevaye! Lover of all the pretty, grainy, cinematic and film-like ways of capturing love stories. I’m your very own personal third-wheel bestie who knows how to use a camera really well. Why would you want one of those? Well, to capture all your special moments in a way that is comfortable for you, just like bringing your closest pal along (just add getting super cute pictures along the way)!

A little bit about me? I’m based in sunny San Diego! Although I'm originally from New Mexico! Desert is in my blood, but to be honest, the ocean is where my heart belongs! (Pls pls pls take me with you for cute beach pics of you and you lover!) I moved to SoCal when I married my own dreamy soul mate, so I do know a thing or two about being in love and a hopeless romantic. I also have a cutesy miniature husky floofball named Rocky! Dogs have a piece of my heart, so don’t be shy about bringing your own dogs along on our shoot!

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- Married to the dreamiest Marine!!
- Have the best community of family and friends back in New Mexico!!
- Am head over heels for Jesus and will scream it from the rooftops!!

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